Every moment
as it happens!

Cameo’s Virtual Scribes capture doctor-patient encounters in real-time, as they unfold! This allows the doctor to focus on patient care while the Scribe documents the encounter.

And that’s not all!

Doctor can request the Scribe to locate specific details from the document. Moreover, the Scribe can conduct additional research as the need arises, while also responding to the doctor’s messages.

A Roster of Benefits


Cameo’s Virtual Scribe Services adhere to appropriate process, both security and procedure-wise, bearing in mind the need for accuracy and efficiency.

Scribing plus assistance

Virtual Scribes do more than just transcribe. From interacting with doctors to conducting additional research to locating details, there’s a lot more addition of value.


A Virtual Scribe is an ideal investment as it allows doctors to not just spend more time with the patients, but also handle more patients per day along with down-time.

From the viewpoint of an investment, Virtual Scribe Service is perfect for doctors as they get to spend more time with patients and also handle more patients per day.

Patient welfare

Doctors can spend more time offering patient care, improving outcomes.

As doctors are freed from the burden of documenting each patient interaction, they can prioritize offering better care, helping increase patient satisfaction and outcomes.

How it unfolds

Our Virtual Scribes work remotely from a HIPAA compliant facility, providing doctors more privacy with their patients, as there is no necessity for another person in the exam room.

Before the Encounter

Virtual Scribes review and prepare patient charts. Once this is done, the doctor connects with the Virtual Scribe via a secure channel.

During the Encounter

During the encounter, doctors can converse normally with the patients without the burden of taking notes. Virtual Scribes update patients’ Electronic Health Records in real-time.

After the Encounter

After the patient encounter, the doctor reviews the chart with the Virtual Scribe, offers additional information and signs off on the EHR.

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Continued Improvement

Cameo follows a rigorous Clinical Documentation Improvement process, which ensures that healthcare records possess high levels of data quality. The medical records are consistent and accurate helping the doctor make decisions.

Delayed Scribing (Recorded)​

How it unfolds

The doctor-patient encounter audio is received by the Virtual Scribe who transcribes the data within a matter of hours and enters the details into the EHR. The doctor then reviews the documentation in EHR and signs-off.

The doctor-patient
encounter is recorded.

The files are uploaded in the cloud

Virtual Scribe transcribes the data
This is proofread and edited at the scribe’s end

The doctor then reviews the documentation in the EHR.

Doctor contacts the Virtual Scribe for clarifications//review/feedback

Doctor signs off

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Call or write to us to find out how Virtual Scribes make a difference to you today.